What Do We Stand For?

More visibility and a higher level of awareness of what senate is around campus.

A fair government
The student fee board should understand fully the experiences of the student leaders and their organizations and this understanding should be reflected in the fee allocation process.

Currently, students don't feel like Senate is there for them, we need to change this perception.

The 2010 Nationwide elections are coming up, we need to be working with everyone on and off campus to GOTV (Get Out The Vote). This also relates to working with leaders on other campuses to make real change for ALL UW system students.

Outreach to the students
We need to know what students want at all times, that means getting up in their faces and asking the tough questions, students will no longer settle for an unaware government that doesn't take time to get to know their wants and needs.

This goes further than just being inclusive, and is in relation to transparency. Government should be easy to understand and easy to get a hold of, that means engaging in a form of communication that is relatable. People should be able to feel comfortable talking to a senator.

Student-centered Policies
Disenfranchisement is a big problem at UWRF. Policies that govern where we live, when and what we eat, how we learn and where our money goes are not representative of what students want and need; instead these policies hurt students. It's time that the policies make life at UWRF easier not harder.

Students Deserve Better!

The Student Senate in the past few years has been dangerously unresponsive to the students of UWRF. We're a group of concerned students - current, former, and non-Senators - that are intent on reversing this trend, and making sure that Senate once again works FOR the students and not AGAINST the students!

We're Normal Students - Just Like You

We don’t want to take over the world. We promise. We are just concerned students from all different walks of life that are interested in creating real measurable change in our student government. We want to make our Student Senate the best it can possibly be, and make sure that UWRF students are well represented and get a seat at all the tables – after all, it’s your right!

You Can Help Us!

We are a group of students that are here to help you; but we need your help. Spread the word of our candidacy to all your UWRF friends! Send us words of support. Help us in actively campaiging. VOTE! Do your part to ensure that Senate changes for the better.